51st Congress of the South African Society for Animal Science

Theme: “Managing the ecological footprint of livestock through efficient production”

10 – 12 June 2019

Economic Science Building, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

Organized and presented by the Free State Branch of the South African Society for Animal Science

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The organizing committee will compile only a book of abstracts of the 2019 Congress being held from 10 – 12 June 2019 in Bloemfontein. Research reported in the abstracts will thus not be subjected to a full peer review process and will not be published as full papers in a special edition. Please consult and follow the Instructions for submitting an abstract below before submitting the abstract. In the case of oral (theatre) presentations authors of abstracts will have 15 minutes (10 minutes to present the paper and 5 minutes for questions). Guidelines for the preparation of posters will be supplied to prospective poster authors upon receipt of their contributions. Prospective authors must strictly adhere to the deadlines set out below. Contributions reaching the editorial committee after deadlines have expired will not be considered.

Instructions for submitting an abstract

Complete the online abstract registration by providing your personal information and select the sessions of your choice (both first and second choice).

Study the “Sample abstract” (click to download) file closely. Please ensure that the editorial layout corresponds with the sample abstract - otherwise your abstract cannot be accepted. (Default page setup: Paper A4, Margins: Top and Bottom 2.54 cm; Left and Right 2 cm). On the first line of your abstract, type the title of the paper in Arial 12pt bold, centre. The title should not contain more than two lines. On the next line, type the names (Arial 12pt bold, centre) and then the addresses of the authors in Arial 10pt, centre. First give the initials and then the surname of each author (without title). Number the names and addresses in superscript in the same manner as has been done in the sample abstract (use numbers, not asterisks or any other symbols). Underline the presenting author. Skip two lines and type the entire text of the abstract in Arial 11pt with a single line spacing and alignment set to”justified”. Do not use tables or graphs in abstract. The complete abstract cannot exceed 3600 characters (with spaces) including title, authors and addresses.

Rename the sample abstract so that it contains the surname of the first author (e.g. Josling). Attach the Word document format of the completed abstract. Make sure to do a final spell-check before submitting the abstract.

Please note that at least one author of each abstract must register (at the congress agency) as delegate with the appropriate and separate registration form.

DEADLINE: No abstract submissions will be considered after Friday 29 March 2019

Please use the webform below to upload your abstracts. 

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