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Dear student and supervisor

The 51st SASAS Congress with the theme “Managing the ecological footprint of livestock through efficient production” will be held from the 10th to the 12th of June 2019 at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. Concerns are frequently raised about the role of modern technology in animal production, welfare and ethical treatment of animals, the degradation of natural vegetation and loss in biodiversity, use of water in a water-scarce country, impact of livestock products on human health, and more recently - the contribution of livestock to greenhouse gas emissions. While these aspects might shed a “long shadow” on livestock production, it is indisputably clear that the world will need almost double the current food supply by 2050 to feed the ever increasing human  population. The agriculture sector must therefore comply with a phenomenon called the “great balancing act” by supporting further economic development and uplifting the nutritional status of  humans, while competing with humans for limited natural resources. 


Popular media platforms could simultaneously function as an opportunity and/or a threat by spreading information in the  public domain that could provoke emotional biasness. Defining the impact of livestock production on the environment would require critical thinking and objective rationale, as well as the willingness to adopt new strategies – all aspects that the new generation of Animal Scientists will need to master.

Given the theme of the 51st SASAS Congress, Animal Science students (under the leadership of a lecturer - supervisor) are invited to participate in a PODCAST competition by making use of a pre-recorded audio visual message. Participating teams need to address the following aspects in their PODCAST presentation in an unbiased and scientific manner that will be presented in the public domain:
 Defining the ecological footprint of livestock
 What are the ecological challenges for future generations of Animal Scientists
 How could we improve production efficiency in a challenging environment


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“Managing the ecological footprint of livestock through efficient production”

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